About Me

Even as a very young child, I have always been extremely interested in all things food. When I was in high school I did a job placement at a restaurant and that’s when I realized that I was not only interested in food, but that I was passionate about it. I worked under a fantastic, classically French trained Chef and when the school job placement was complete, she hired me to work part time at her Bistro. I went on to work with her at 2 of her other restaurants and became a sous chef at the age of 17. Because I was young and stupid (aren’t we all at that age?!), I decided that making money was more important than doing what I loved. So I enrolled in business school. A few years down the road I had moved from Ontario to Edmonton and was working for an oil company when I realized money would never buy happiness. I quit my job, enrolled in the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts and moved to beautiful British Columbia – where I had never been in my life. I worked full time at Earl’s while attending culinary school and once I graduated, I began my culinary journey with the Glowbal Restaurant Group. I have worked in many positions, in many of their restaurants (Glowbal Grill, COAST, Italian Kitchen, Society, IKTOGO, and lastly, the catering division). Somewhere in between all that I took a job as an Executive Chef at a bar and grill but realized quickly that wasn’t the kind of food I wanted to represent. When I had gone back to the Glowbal Group and become day sous chef I found out I was pregnant. After that, 12 hour shifts and working nights, weekends and holidays just wasn’t an option I was willing to consider. So, I took whatever day positions I could and after having my second child, I took a job offer with the company as an Event Coordinator. After 2 years in this position, the company wanted me to start working more hours and entertaining clients during the evenings, as their vision of my role was evolving. With two children under 5 and a 4 hour a day commute, I decided to quit working altogether for a year or so and focus on my family and my passion for cooking at home, along with vegetable and herb gardening.  I have also become very involved with exercise and nutrition.  Which brings me to this blog. I want to share my passion for food, exercising for mental and physical health, and good nutrition in the hopes I can inspire, and maybe even help, others through my recipes, ideas and advice, and antidotes . Hope you enjoy taking this journey with me!

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