STAYING FIT AND HEALTHY (mentally & physically)

When I thought about starting this blog, it was meant to be mainly recipe/food focused. I figured that since I had been cooking, on and off, professionally for 20+ years and was now a ‘stay at home mom’ (temporarily?) I could share my knowledge about how to eat delicious, usually simple, and mostly healthy, food at home – on a budget. And I DO want to do that. And will. After all, I LOVE food. I’m passionate about food – and everyone has to eat.

Having said that, there are literally thousands of blogs about food. I want this blog to be about so much more. I want it to be about stumbling, falling, and picking myself up…. over and over again. I want to share that with other people who are going through life the same way (who isn’t?!) Everyone has good days and bad days. Hell, I’ve had good months and bad months.

Once I started writing this blog, I realized that I wanted to put myself out there on a more personal level as a way to connect with people. No one wants to feel alone. There is strength in numbers and knowing that other people are going through the same struggles and feeling the same way is comforting. I find writing very cathartic. I want to write about things that I think many woman can relate to. I truly believe that we’re all trying so hard to find balance in our lives. Balancing nutrition with food that we, and our kids (if you have them), actually really enjoy eating (because nothing sucks more than having to force feed meals to your kids!) Of course, finding balance in your life isn’t just about good nutrition. It’s about exercising for positive body image and good mental health. It’s about taking the time for yourself to figure out what makes YOU happy. It’s about surrounding yourself with people and things that you really love and are passionate about. Everyone gets caught up in the day-to-day monotony of life sometimes. It’s the little joys and memorable moments in life that count the most. I find that joy in good food, good friends and family, and good experiences that continue to shape who I am.  I also get immense satisfaction from working hard on myself and seeing results.

I want this blog to be about striving be your best self. Your happiest self. Your most satisfied self.  I think that fresh food and a healthy, active lifestyle plays a HUGE role in that.  Exercise isn’t just about feeling physically attractive to me.  It’s just as important for my mental well-being, if not more so.

I’m a work in progress. We all are.

This blog is about trying to balance work, family, and life in general.  It’s about making the time to take care of yourself, both mentally and physically.  It’s about figuring out how to deal with the demons in your head and the negativity in the world while remaining optimistic and positive. I want it to be a learning experience for everyone involved. This is my journey and I want to share it with you. I’m not perfect. I’m SO far from perfect. But NO ONE is perfect. Perfect would be boring anyway. I’d much rather be flawed and interesting than perfect and boring.  This is me trying to live life to the fullest while growing and evolving and sharing it with the world as I go along… And when all else fails, at least I can find pure pleasure in a good workout and some great food – and a bottle of wine or two, of course! (;


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